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coated heavy duty machines

Kentucky Coating Solutions specializes in jobs that require resistance to corrosive, impact, and abrasion. The strong coating solution will protect your property from mother nature and the elements. Our services also include storing solutions for petroleum and chemical products. You can choose from various solutions to extend service life and protect assets as a crew member or manager. 
  • Protect Equipment at Plants
  • Provide Safe, non-slip flooring
  • Repair or restore a pond with new applications
  • Pond and water feature lining for commercial applications
  • Livestock area linings
  • Cement Mixer Coatings
  • Pipe Linings/ water-park applications
  • Irrigation
  • Adhesive for plywood with high impact resistance
  • Roof Shingle Coating
  • Covering lead and asbestos
Kentucky Coating Solutions can be applied on any type, shape, or new/old equipment. Our materials increases the longevity of the toughest machines out there including: 
  • Plow Parts
  • Loaders
  • Forklifts
  • Backhoes
  • Tractor Equipment
  • Digging Equipment
  • Tilling Machines
  • Dozers
  • Combines
Truck Bed Lining, Fleet Equipment, and Consumer Applications
Lifetime Warranty or written term because of the strong, thick nature of our coating. Kentucky Coating Solutions customizes any texture and color to hold your load in place. Our clean-easy, non-stick solution beat any name brand in quality, product variety and features, and mil height.
  • Virtually no chemical penetration
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No warping or cracking under high/low temperatures
  • Water/air tight against corrosive materials
  • FDA/USDA Approved - SAFE!
  • Any color including clear
  • Any Texture
Our trailer coatings provide layers that ensure your cargo won't slide or move during transporation or under extreme conditions. We also ensure no slipping, peeking, cracking, or warping.
  • Stop your rust and corrosion before it starts
  • Air/Temp/Water Sealed
  • Easy-To-Clean system with little or no maintenance
  • Will bond to any surface on your trailer
  • Boats, livestock/stables, and any other cargo
  • Increase your re-sale value of your property
All kinds of floor lining on residential and commercial applications are covered by Kentucky Coating Solutions. We ensure no cracking, fading, peeling, under any corrosive materials like oil, hydraulic oil, and many acids. Floor traffic protection from the elements and time help and in addition our thermal protection saves energy cost while looking good. 
  • Surface protection for life
  • Easy to clean floor coatiing with high gloss
  • Resistant to chemicals for many years
  • Will not become brittle in low temperatures or soft in high temperatures
  • Abrasion and Weather resistant
  • Custom color textures added to meet any of your needed characteristics
Stop your marine vessel from leaking. Save your hull and vibration with a strong inside. Increase your speed in the water with a glossy outside and help keep barnacles off. Protect from corrosion for your boat's life and can be transferred to a new owner upon sale.

Engineering Solutions: Staff Support includes Laboratory Support, Engineering Support, Certified Application Technicians. These relationships and our satisfied clients will help you solve any issue.